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Hemi-Sync process was developed by Robert Monroe.  All Hemi-Sync products are developed and owned by Monroe Products®.  Hemi Sync is a patented technology of Monroe Products. The term Hemi-Sync refers to hemispheric synchronization of brain waves. 

Hemi-Sync product types are:  Metamusic®, Human Plus®, and Mind Food®.

All Hemi-Sync digital downloads and CDs contain binaural beats also referred to as Hemi-Sync frequencies.  Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Hemi-Sync CDs do NOT contain subliminal messages.

Hemi-Sync Definitions:

Hemi-Sync Human Plus® - Contains verbal guidance and cues allowing you to re-create the desired effect as needed.

Hemi-Sync Mind Food® - Experience and benefit while listening.  Non-verbal contains no verbal guidance.  Verbal contains verbal guidance

Hemi-Sync Metamusic® - Metamusic combines musical selections with renowned Hemi-sync sound technologies to entertain and benefit the listener.  Many titles feature special blends of Alpha, Delta, and Theta frequencies to slow excess mental activity in order to facilitate meditation or support relaxation.  Other selections feature a predominance of Beta frequencies for focus and concentration or Delta frequencies for sleep enhancement.  Metamusic is experiential and may be used to facilitate a given application or simply for musical enjoyment.  Use Metamusic to enhance focus and concentration; for expanding awareness through musical imagery; for deeper, more profound relaxation; or simply for musical enjoyment (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery).  The applications are unlimited.

All Hemi-Sync recordings contain binaural beats.  They do NOT contain subliminal messages.

Hemi-Sync® Audio Technology influences brain wave function.  These topographic brainwave maps illustrate the state-changing potential of the Hemi-Sync® process.   With Hemi-Sync® you can safely alter your brainwave patterns and experience enhanced mental, physical,  and emotional states.

Theta brainwaves

Theta Brainwaves Without Hemi-Sync®

Theta brainwaves

Theta Brainwaves With Hemi-Sync®

With Hemi-Sync® you can safely alter your brainwave patterns and experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states. 

What is Hemi-Sync®?

Hemi-Sync® is a trademarked, state-of-the-art audio technology based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. Our brains produce waves or patterns of electrical activity.

Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as rest (occipital Alpha), deep sleep (central Delta), meditation (central and frontal Theta), physical activity (wide-spread Beta).

Hemi-Sync's audio binaural beats influence these brainwave patterns and in concert with other components of the Hemi-Sync® process provide experiences in focused states of consciousness.  

Used at The Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync® becomes part of an entire learning process; a combination of multiplexed audio binaural beats and pink sound (or music), verbal suggestion, relaxation exercises, guided imagery, group dynamics, and an educational curriculum all carefully crafted to engender first-person experiences of focused states of consciousness.

Hemi-Sync® influences brainwave patterns and alters states of arousal. Hemi-Sync® programs provide participants with the opportunity to experience focused states of consciousness.   Hemi-Sync® does not employ the use of subliminal suggestions.

Hemi-Sync® is designed for listening through stereo headphones or properly placed stereo speakers. The versatility of Hemi-Sync® gives the basic technology an almost limitless range of applications for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The technology simply and effectively allows you to involve your own total capabilities and direct them as you choose. It can be compared to a powerful software program that facilitates extraordinary levels of performance and productivity, guided by the intention and desire of the listener. How Hemi-Sync® Alters States of Consciousness.  

Hemi-Sync brain waves Hemi-Sync sounds

In addition to verbal instructions, this auditory-guidance process involves carefully constructed blends and sequences of stereo sound patterns designed to evoke beneficial brainwave states through neurological mechanisms. Right and left auditory input is combined in the brainstem's superior olivary nucleus and routed to the reticular formation that, in turn, uses neurotransmitters to initiate changes in neurological activity in the thalamus and cortex.


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